RISK gets a bad rap. For some reason the natural reaction is you have to be brave or crazy to be a risk taker…  The truth is, taking calculated risks or even swinging for the fences might just be the “smart” strategy.

When job security was the goal and a gold watch surely waited at the end of a long, loyal career maybe risk taking was for the fringes, but today there is no gold watch… And if you think you have job security and that “job” is a cubicle or cozy office with a big corporation that seems to be doing well, then check the Fortune 100, 500 or 2000 over a few decades… Notice anything interesting? They disappear. Today’s hot telecom is tomorrow’s fax machine.

I say risk is for the smart. Small companies are the future. It’s where innovation happens, it’s where jobs are created and big problems are solved.

You want job security, work for yourself.  Find some awesome teammates that share your passions and go do something remarkable.

You want a gold watch, buy it for yourself…

And what about “swinging for the fences”? Isn’t that even crazier…

I bet you’ve seen an interview of a supermodel where she say she isn’t asked out on many dates (obviously just about everyone assumes they wouldn’t be interesting to a supermodel… so guess what, the odds are better with a supermodel)… Same for those crazy enough to think they can solve big problems (cure cancer, solve education, recreate finance)… Things are less crowded when you dream, think and take action on big things.

Don’t sit around dreaming about the supermodel, ask her out (it might be her only offer).



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