Business life for entrepreneurs is often about making decisions on limited data, trying new things and venturing into uncharted waters. This can be a scary process and you didn’t learn the answers in school… BUT there are answers. There are people who have already been where you are trying to go. AND many of them will show you the way!

I believe one of the absolute smartest things you can do for your career is invest time every week with mentors and advisors. People who have been there and done that. Successful people, people with different experiences and different points of view. These people are solid gold for your life and career.

Here’s my simple formula:

  1. Make a list of people you want to meet
  2. Reach out to them with dogged determination and optimism
  3. Schedule a coffee meeting
  4. PREP, PREP, PREP (carefully prepare your agenda and questions, study their background and interests, read work they’ve published and be ready)
  5. Buy them a $2 cup of coffee
  6. Listen to every word… take notes and soak it all in!
  7. Repeat as needed (I suggest one a week, which ex vacations could be 50+ meetings a year)

You may learn more with this weekly coffee meeting than a year at the Ivys… and this entire education costs you $100 dollars.

**Critical Note:  Depending on your targets (friends and family, warm intros vs. cold calls, etc.) you may have to be creative and persistent. Successful people are often very busy and/or focused. The key is to be VERY prepared to add value when you can. See my previous post: Why Should I Meet You? Or Care?




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