It sometimes sounds silly to say: “It is not the destination; It is the journey.” Or, as Robert Hastings more famously penned, in “The Station”: ( “The joy of life is the trip.” But I have to agree.

Yes, you absolutely may make a pile of money. It is a fact that more wealth is generated by entrepreneurs. Corporate jobs can lull people into feeling comfortable and safe (which I would argue is often an illusion), but the truth remains: it is difficult to become financially free in a cubicle.

Startups (tech, consumer, social good, and the like) are about lighting your fire. They are not about forcing you out of bed in the morning but instead having to remind yourself to sleep because you are so excited you may forget. I forgot to eat lunch yesterday. I’m certainly not on a diet, but I am consumed by energy to just build things that excite me. Sometimes that means I forget to eat or sleep.

Every day should be an adventure. Life’s richest rewards are in experiences, learning, and giving. Startups can provide these in spades. I’m not saying it is easy or it won’t be stressful, or hard, or frustrating… I am saying those emotions are LIVING. Your investors, co-founders, and strategic partners are people who are excited to build something. They see potential. They feel energy. Don’t you want to be surrounded by that?

You will scratch your head often wondering which path to choose, who to hire. Should you color the site red or color it blue? Charge $49.95 or $99.99? What do you tell the team when something does’t work? How much stock to give your top performer? On and on.

That, my friend, is a journey.

PS. I would still also argue you can make more money, control your time, control who you work with, and learn ten times more…. Wait, where’s the downside again?



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