Yes, there are good people doing good things all over the place.

  • Good grades…check.
  • Good school…check.
  • Good experience…check.
  • Good stories…check.
  • Good job…check.

It’s all good; not necessarily great; just…good. And there’s a difference.

So, how do you consciously break out of good to make great? How do you do something great that really matters? Then, how do you kick it up and do great at scale?

All big questions answered pretty simply: It’s what you make happen.

It’s how strong you commit.

It’s how hard you push.

It’s how brave you’re willing to be.

The great future belongs to the brave – the people who don’t wait for the perfect time or for the investment to come in; they don’t worry about pedigree or recommendations.

They wake up two hours earlier than their peers. They do it now versus when all the stars align. They take risks where others sit by idly. They make great happen the moment they take full ownership of the situation or possibility.

Think about it: The cure to cancer is more likely to be discovered by a rogue scientist, an independent thinker brave enough to commit fully to pushing well beyond the paradigm of the “good”, current research. They have to break through by getting out of their comfort zone where it’s not as safe or where their work may be ridiculed or where they might be considered just plain wrong.

Then, just maybe, they’ll do something great, something that will forever change the world.

So, the secret to great?


How can you make something great happen?

Yours in startups,




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