A few years ago, I had an opportunity to meet an iconic businessman. I was very excited about the meeting and felt like it was going to be similar to the scene from the movie Wall Street… “Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.”

But the night before the meeting, someone gave me excellent advice. They said, “How will you answer him when he asks: ‘What can I do for you?'” Simple enough, but I completed flipped. I realized I wasn’t nervous; I was ready to talk about my goals and dreams, discuss business and whatever else was on his mind. However, I was not prepared to answer that simple question which may change my life (should he be willing to help with my request).

So, assume a meeting is going to go well, or even assume you’ll only have 90 seconds… Either way, be ready answer the question: “What do you want from me?”.

And another HUGE tip: be prepared to tell them why they should.

You might be surprised by the number of people who call me for advice, want to “pick my brain”, show me their business ideas, and so forth… Very few take the time to tell me 1. What I can do for them? and 2. IMPORTANTLY, other than being a philanthropist or generous soul, WHY? (ie. Mac, I need someone to help me really take this business to the next level. That person is you, and I’d like to offer you 20% of the business to help me drive it. What do you say, Mac?)

When the big meetings come, and they will, be prepared to answer the questions.

Happy Hunting (and Happy New Year!!)

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