No Excuses. Just start.

I often look back over the years and try to remember what helped me decide the timing was right to start a business…
The answer is much like deciding to have kids or buy your first house, the timing is never just right. There is always a reason not to do it.
So, my view is there is a healthy balance between your heart and your head. When you have an idea that your heart loves, that you feel like you have to try it, then do your homework and wait just long enough for your head to catch up and start to agree (at least a little)… then GO.
Great businesses are rarely created when everything is lined up. The truly great ones are innovative and game changing which means most people won’t understand WHY at this stage. So take a deep breath, then GO.
–  Go before you have all the money you need
–  Go before you have the contract signed
–  Go when you know there is confusion
–  Go when your friends and family aren’t 100% convinced
Most people go through life looking for reasons not to build something, not to start something, not to leave the safe and secure; rhey want 100%. Give me 51% and heart, and you can beat the 100% guys all day long. By the time they decide to GO, you’ll be shipping product or cashing checks from paying customers.
Sometimes you just have to go…

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