Starting a new company is like many things in life. There are some who do just what is necessary to get by, and there are some that are so determined that they can’t be stopped. The failure rate (I hate even saying it) for start-ups is very high. Pick your numbers: 1 in 4, greater than 90%, etc… Here’s the point: there are lots of reasons NOT to build a new company. The economy is bad, the kids need new shoes, saving for that new house, etc. They are likely good, good reasons not just pure excuses, but likely a few of those are sprinkled in there too.  So forget waiting for the right timing (see post: You just have to GO) and get started.

HOWEVER, here is the catch. You have to want it bad. You have to have a reason to get up at 3am, work longer than others, harder than others, and just will your way to success. This video is worth 3 minutes of your time… Might be worth watching every day at 3am. (Title: How bad do you want it).

So here’s the assignment… Find your motivation.

Here are some examples:

– Change the world

– Cure cancer

– Make your first million or first billion

– Control your time

– Best your long time rival

Drive is different for everyone, but I assure you that you will need a reason to push yourself It has to be something big for you. It can’t be a simple hope or wish; it has to burn within you.

Post it on your wall. Say it to yourself in your car. Hang photos. Write it on your hands. Do whatever it takes to put it in your face, in your head, and in your heart… Now, start getting up at 3am and do it.

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