If you want to raise capital, you need to know how to beat the odds. Mac has raised tens of millions in capital for his own businesses and taught countless entrepreneurs how to do the same. Whether you are targeting angel investors, venture capital, $50,000 or $5 million, Mac has been there and knows the strategies that will maximize your odds of funding your dreams.

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If you’re ready to get serious about raising capital for your business, you need Mac’s playbook of advanced strategies guaranteed to save you time and dramatically increase your odds of successfully raising capital.

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If you are raising a few hundred thousand dollars, this may be one of the smartest investment you make in helping drive the success of your business. If you are thinking of raising $1M or more, I would call it almost critical!
Ross S., CEO, Mountain Khakis
The journey of starting and growing a startup is full of hurdles. Raising capital can seem like the biggest of them all. Mac’s expert advice in this area is invaluable. I highly recommend learning as much as you can from him.
Garrett T., Founder, SMPL.io and Hygge CoWorking

Mac knows more, and shares more, about how to effectively raise capital than anyone I’ve ever met. He is an amazing advisor to founders because he has the ability to apply his vast experience raising capital to an array of industry sectors and disruptive business models.

Joel S., Founder, PureSurgery

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Struggling to Raise Capital?

Entrepreneurship is the path to a life of boundless opportunity and fulfillment, but if you are still in the early (or sometimes late) stages, grappling with a lack of resources, it can all seem less than possible. Raising capital for small business ventures is one of those challenges that most entrepreneurs simply cannot avoid. After starting and running six companies of my own, and helping others to raise funds for startup businesses in multiple industries, I have made it possible for many entrepreneurs to break the boundaries of funding. If you’re looking for the best ways to raise capital for a company, my tried and tested strategies will guide you to raise capital for business ventures big and small.

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