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Tony Robbins often uses a quote I love: “Success leaves clues”… and what he is talking about here is the concept of MODELING. The idea is actually very simple. First you find people who are getting amazing results in an area you are interested in (business, health, happiness, scale, impact, whatever it is you want). Find these people who have already been where you want to go… Second, you study them. Watch them, read about them, research them, learn everything you can about WHAT they did/do to create results. Third, you execute those strategies and tactics … and BOOM, you get a similar result. 

For me personally I would say modeling others has led to my greatest breakthroughs, my biggest wins and a source of constant personal and professional improvement. 

Over the course of 2019 I discovered one of the most powerful ways to achieve a massive level of success leveraging the idea of modeling. It might be the greatest shortcut to success as it takes the core tenants of modeling and multiplies them so you can not only model, but do so faster, across more areas of your life and then amplify your results. 

What’s the Secret?


If you aren’t already active in, and paying for (more on that in a moment) a MasterMind, then you need to read this right now! 

What is a MasterMind Group?

MasterMind Groups have been around for over 100 years and their origin (or at least their popularity) is often attributed to Napoleon Hill (of “Think and Grow Rich” fame) who after spending time with Andrew Carnegie and other wealthy industrialists of the day became convinced that the participation in MasterMind groups was the essential factor in Carnegie’s success. Hill described the MasterMind concept as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work towards a definite purpose.” 

I personally think of a MasterMind as: a group formed to help individuals leverage the knowledge, expertise, creativity, drive and support of a “group” towards their individual and collective success.

Walt Disney used a MasterMind group to create many of the beloved characters and concepts we grew up watching (Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.). His group was called the “Nine Old Men”.Benjamin Franklin’s MasterMind group, called “The Junto”, were 12 individuals credited with forming the first US library, the University of Pennsylvania and more. 

“The Inklings” were famous writers and poets whose MasterMind group included people like: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

There are many, many famous and known (and countless more “unknown”) MasterMind groups that have come together to create change, make discoveries and generally push the boundaries of their potential. 

MasterMinds are powerful forces for action. 

And before you go any further I want you to know that I am not selling you anything here. Although I have started a MasterMind and have plans for more, most people will not be a fit so my goal is to share how powerful the model is and make a strong recommendation you consider finding one that is perfect for your goals and dreams. 

Why should you join a MasterMind?

If you are interested in success (ranging from financial success to lifestyle freedom to creating a legacy or significance) a MasterMind group is often a critical success factor… It is one of the key ingredients that will support and often accelerate your journey. The ROI and cost benefit analysis is massively in your favor and some (including myself) would say it is priceless.

What are the costs? (and why should I pay versus look for a FREE group)

MasterMind groups have varying costs and levels of commitments. In my experience the groups that are moderated (a focused moderator), well structured, have participation fees and attendance requirements are the ones that produce true results. These are the only groups I will start or participate in personally. FREE groups, even well intentioned groups with impressive members, tend to quickly lose attendance, commitment and therefore RESULTS.

What are the commitments and expectations?

MasterMind groups tend to have a one-year commitment with a very strong preference for individuals committed to long term participation. In addition to the fees and the mandatory participation (80% or greater attendance is generally expected) the most important commitment is to come to every meeting “prepared, focused and committed to the groups’ shared outcomes”.

How does the group function?

Although each MasterMind group is slightly different, the common characteristics of a successful mastermind group include: committed members, diverse/unique members that share similar goals, a formal moderator/leader, a consistent meeting cadence and a shared commitment to help one another (and hold one another accountable). 

Typically groups rotate between organized meetings (often face to face or via video conference), conference calls and shared communication platforms such as SLACK, Facebook Groups, etc. The combination of formal meetings, informal gatherings and shared communication protocols leads to great outcomes.

Your action item: Read up on and consider the power of MasterMinds… some big ones you can check out are noted below… 

If you would like to learn more about my first MasterMind (one I am leading personally), you can read more about it HERE. It is for successful entrepreneurs who want to optimize their companies and create the OPTION to sell for a premium valuation in the coming years. I have other MasterMind’s (with different areas of focus) in development currently. So stay tuned.

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Current examples of other excellent MasterMinds :

Although there are many flavors and varieties these are some interesting groups for entrepreneurs. I personally spent close to six figures over the past year on MasterMinds (which I clearly understand is a BIG commitment) but I also believe that investment alone will drive more than $1m of business this year. One of the best I personally joined is Baby Bathwater.

Whether you are considering a small, local mastermind that may be less than $2,000 a year to bigger global masterminds, I firmly believe this may be your biggest win and the kind of breakout that can change the trajectory of your life…